Erosion & Drainage Control

Proper drainage is an essential component of your landscape design. We can correct drainage problems on your property through the installation of area drains, culverts, proper grading and rip rap channels. Some of the items we specialize in are Above/ Below Grade and Structural Drainage, Driveway and Patio Stabilization.

Rip Rap Channel

Channel drains are used to capture, divert and direct storm water runoff. They can be constructed using rip rap. Rip rap is a term used to describe a type of rock; usually granite or a crushed rock to a size of 6 - 12". Rip rap can occur naturally on a property or can be acquired through a supplier. Using rip rap channels usually look best in a natural setting where the landscape is mostly native. Laying down an erosion control fabrics prevents the rip rap from being undermined, the soil separated from the rock and the channel in place.

Rip Rap Channel Rip Rap Channel