Drip, Lawn Sprayers

We recommend drip irrigation systems for trees, shrubs, vines, groundcovers and planting areas. Drip irrigation is widely used for watering landscapes in Arizona. It conserves water, reduces weed growth and promotes plant health by emitting water to each plant's root zone. To be efficient, a drip irrigation system needs to be designed, installed and programmed properly.

Our team is available for new installation, repairs or to update your system for efficiency.

  • Regularly scheduled irrigation system checks
  • Seasonal adjustments to controller
  • Broken, leaking, clogged irrigation repair
  • Valve service and repair
  • PVC and galvanized pipe repairs
  • Controller repair and diagnosis
  • Wire tracing and repair
  • Emergency repairs
  • Winterization - cover and protect your pipes from freezing
  • New water saving technology
    • Smart controllers, flow control sensors, moisture sensors, rain shut off devices; all help conserve water.