Smart Irrigation / Fertilization Injection

Today’s more sophisticated irrigation systems have their own dedicated weather station on site and use the most current weather conditions to determine when to water. These systems also have the ability to communicate with a center control which sends out alerts when there is water leaks, major fluctuations in temperature or if there is too much wind to turn on the lawn sprayers. Irrigation systems of this magnitude are becoming more common place on properties where the landscape is of a significant investment. These systems also provide a look into the future of how our basic system will operate.

Consider that just 10 years ago installing a fertilizer injector was almost unheard of and now the cost has become so reasonable that we install them on practically every system we install. The technology was there and innovation has brought the cost down to a reasonable rate that can benefit all systems.

In summary irrigation today is so much more than just running a hose on a bush for an hour. In our attempts to manage our precious resource, water, our industry has added the education of plant physiology of both the homeowner and irrigation installer as a means to better conserve water as we install irrigation to our yards. While in some areas there seems to be a reliable source of water we need to become better stewards of it as we move into the future to allow coming generations the ability to enjoy landscape the way we currently do.