Seasonal Cleanup

Some yards are designed to only need occasional care. Seasonal care if done correctly can have a large benefit for your landscape while also minimizing the ongoing costs. Some of the important items that can be addressed with seasonal service would be corrective pruning, proper thinning for summer monsoons, sucker growth removal, and pruning to maximize blooming. There are several other items that could fall into a seasonal service which could include seasonal fountain service, holiday decorating, as well as irrigation service, and party/special occasion cleanups. For those clients that are not full time Wickenburg residents we offer monsoon checkups as well as freeze protection of both sensitive plants and exposed irrigation.

Finally, these services are not exclusive to our regular maintenance customers so please feel to keep your existing service if you are happy with them and add some of the specialized services that we offer to help you enjoy your yard to take it to new levels in both beauty and simplistic management.

Seasonal Cleanup Seasonal Cleanup