Tree Cabling / Staking

Tree Cabling / Staking

Has your tree blown over? Is it leaning more to one side due to high winds or growth pattern? Did you plant a new, young tree? Using high quality materials we can have your tree reset, stake and cable it. This ensures your tree is positioned securely while allowing root and trunk growth.

Young / New Tree

Trees usually come from a nursery secured with one stake. The growing stake is meant to keep the trunk straight. It is usually firmly secured to the tree allowing minimal movement. In most cases this stake can and should be removed at the time of planting as these ties / tape can girdle the trunk over time. Staking is done to protect a young tree while it is still getting its roots set and strengthening its trunk.

Older Tree

Staking is performed after corrective pruning is completed. Cabling and staking reduce the chance of your tree from failing before its time after it becomes structurally weakened for any reason. Cabling and staking provide additional support if your tree is splitting or decaying and prolongs its existence after it has been damaged.

When done properly by our ALCA trained staff tree staking and cabling are excellent ways to ensure our tree's strength, health and beauty are not compromised.