Outdoor Lighting


The overall purpose of low voltage landscape lighting is to extend the usability of our outdoor patio’s and living areas into the evening hours and to enhance the overall atmosphere of our house and property after dark. With these two thoughts as our foundation a good lighting system will enhance the property by incorporating its architecture, landscape, and other prominent features such as a skyline or other lighted feature not on the property.

Our guiding lighting philosophy is that low voltage landscape lighting should be integrated into the landscape in such a way that the fixtures that are used do not distract form the overall appearance of the yard during the day.

There are many types of lighting however using a mixture of back lighting, front lighting, accent lights, up lighting into trees, and most of all moonlighting (down lighting) can make all the difference between a stunning daytime landscape and an obtrusive or obnoxious evening setting. Some lighting tricks can be to use reflective lighting to light up walkways instead of a pathway light, and using different wattages in fixtures to help tone down the light output for a more pleasing sight. However the most important aspect of landscape lighting should be to NEVER direct intense amounts of light at the observer. These lights can become blinding as we walk up a pathway or cause us to miss a step, and the overriding reason is that we encourage people to “look away” to avoid becoming blinded by the harsh light. If our night lighting is not soft, appealing, proportionate, and artistically laid out then our natural eye will try to avoid looking in those directions instead of relaxing and absorbing the delicateness that night lighting can bring to our outdoor areas.

Outdoor Lighting
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