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The common distinction between fountains and ponds with several exceptions are that: fountains are nonliving and ponds are a complete live ecosystem. Fountains are typically used in areas where the site and sound of running water is the main purpose. On the other hand ponds typically contain all parts of a full ecosystem. The other distinction between fountains and ponds are fountains typically are manmade while ponds are made up of numerous natural pieces. Both fountains and ponds will command your attention as the centerpiece of your yard no matter what location you place them in. Any type of running water will draw people's attention so the placement of either a fountain or a pond should be the primary factor in a landscape design. Fountains can range from multi-tiered centerpieces with multiple water outlets to the very simple water glazing over a stone maintaining a constant wet look. Fountains typically are more ornate and often include sculptures. In order to maintain crystal clear water most fountains are chemically treated to either eliminate or reduce algae. While there are certain products such as UV sterilization lights that can be added to a fountains' pump system the common way to treat a fountain is very similar to a modern pool. While every yard is not appropriate for a pond they can transform a simple backyard and become the centerpiece of which the rest of the yard is built around. A pond’s ecosystem is typically balanced with the proper amount of water plants and fish with some type of filtration. These ecosystems are fragile and require a delicate balance between the fish’s byproducts which feed and nourish the plants and the plants themselves that produce the oxygen that the fish need to live. Although the initial design and set up is more important on a pond and the maintenance is more complicated the overall results are hard to compare with anything that we can put in our yards. Adding some type of running water to a landscape either through a fountain or a pond may seem like a daunting task but if done properly this can return to you many years of peace and tranquility that only the sounds of running water can bring.

Ponds & Fountains