In today’s world apps and technology have become a standard part of most people’s lives however landscape and especially irrigation has lagged behind in affordable technology. Water conservation devices have been around for decades but the simplicity and also the value was non-existent unless your property was at least several acres or your water usage was in the millions of gallons of water each year. As with all technology the cost eventually come down and we can effectively implement it into your yard.

Over the past 8+ years Hydrawise has been pairing a WIFI controller and a dedicated irrigation water meter for use in our irrigation systems. In May of 2017 this product became available for the general public. The idea is quite simple, be able to remotely access your irrigation controller, and be able to produce an accurate water usage.

The Hydrawise WIFI controller has the ability for the owner to enter their password and keep it secure and unable to be accessed even by your landscape professional. This keeps your home internet secure while allowing your landscape professional to communicate to your controller. This feature allows us to add or subtract watering times without having to travel to the property. We can dial up or down irrigation usage as dictated by the weather. In addition, we have the ability to use local weather stations to accurately turn off systems if rain accumulations occur.

The second feature is to accurately measure irrigation usage. By measuring the irrigation your landscape professional can be alerted if there is a leak or if your filter needs to be cleaned. This can reduce or eliminate expensive water leaks including leaking irrigation valves. We have been able this past year to reduce our clients water usage by 30-50%. These benefits have allowed the irrigation professional to more effectively manage irrigation systems while reducing water usage. This combines to lower the total irrigation / landscape ownership costs.

You can now sit back and enjoy life knowing that your irrigation system will now contact you if there are any problems.