Plant & Pest Diagnosis

Having the experience to accurately diagnosis issues that are present in our landscape is paramount in keeping our yards looking their best. With our 240 years of landscape experience in our company and our relationships within the industry we have the ability to quickly and correctly identify problems and formulate a plan of action to remedy the situation.

These types of problems can be from simple things on roses or spider mites on pyracantha or more difficult such as fungus attacking the root system of a tree or toxic levels of minerals in the soil. Yellowing leaves can be lack of iron in the soil, overwatering, underwatering, or the soil PH is too high.

With our highly trained staff and knowledge of plant biology we are able to help be a resource to ensure that our plants are as healthy and live and thrive as long as possible.

ALCA Certified Plant Problem Diagnosis - differentiate between stress disorders and biological disease.